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a Central Alabama Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell Capital Campaign

Camp is everyone's "favorite week of the year." Yet, every year, we are in danger of losing our location and not having camp. We want to provide camp for many years to come, so it is our goal to purchase, create, and provide a camp ground that can be used by Christians for many different purposes. Join our efforts in prayer, fundraising, and building the "best campground" for our kids! 

*** Unmute sound on video to hear Dan Fendley's message. ***

Become a Part of Something Special!

Become a regular donor to the new campground project! 

We Have Work to Do! 

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Our total goal is $4 million but if we can raise $2.5 million by August, we can begin camp at the new campground in 2024.  


Get Involved!


The Most Important
Way to Get Involved
is Prayer! 

We know that this will get nowhere without God. "Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain" (Psalm 127.1). We are building something big, but it will be as good as God makes it. We invite you to pray with us that God reveal His will and that He blesses our efforts. 


More Information on Donations

We obviously cannot get anywhere without the generous support of those who believe in FC Alabama Camp. We love our people, and our people love this camp. We want to provide some benefit to those who give to our kids so we have made a tiered plan for those who are willing to donate. Prayerfully consider what you are able to do, and please help us as we do something fantastic for future generations. 

I want to give camp a permanent home but I need more information!

How can we help you?

Thanks for believing in camp!

Donation Tiers


Donate $250 and we'd love to honor you with your name on a public plaque displayed in the main building of the camp. 



Donate $20,000 and place your name on the gaga ball court or other minor activity area. 



Donate $1,000 and we'd love to place your name (or a name you choose) on a brick in a walkway at the campground. 



Donate $50,000 and have the gazebo for nightly singing named after you.



Donate $5,000 and have your name honored on a bike trail, walking path, or disc golf hole at the campground.



Donate $100,000 and have your name on the basketball court or other major activity area.



Donate $10,000 and have a  putt-putt golf course hole named in your honor for years to come. .



Donate $300,000 and have your name placed on a lodge or main building.

How to Give A Home For Camp

We have created multiple ways for you to give to this project. As you give, you will automatically go into a newsletter that will have information about the project as it happens. Becoming a part of this family of givers is the best way to stay informed on what is happening with this project. Here are three ways to give. 

Our goal is to create a home for camp, along with facilities that will also house retreats, banquets, fundraisers, and other events that will pour into the lives of Christians everywhere. Any donation, no matter how big or small, is appreciated. You're not just donating to a campground, to an event, or to a school (as all proceeds from the Hutchinson Bell go to Florida College for scholarships), but you are donating to the eternal future of these campers and students. Thank you for your willingness to love them in such a sacrificial way. 

The Central Alabama Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell is the non-profit organization that runs the FC Alabama Camp. It is a 501c3 organization and any donations will be considered tax-free on your taxes. Please let us know about your donation so we can immediately get you a receipt for your bookwork. 

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