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a Central Alabama Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell Capital Campaign

The current state of the campground project has led us to what we currently call the "Locust Fork River Camp." It boasts of a mile of Locust Fork river frontage, giving us the ability to add tubing and kayaking to our list of great activities for the campers to enjoy. With plenty of green spaces, some great plans for cabins, and the river, we are excited about what the future holds. 

Our. fund raising goal is $4 million, but if we can raise $2.5 by August, we can have our new camp ready for summer camp 2024.  This would keep us from paying a lot of money to another campground that could be helping our own campers.

Campground Features

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We have an excellent plan for dormitories, that both allow for the campers to hang out together but also be well accommodated. Check out these plans for dorms that will hold 120 campers each. 

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FC CABINS Drawings_Page_3
FC CABINS Drawings_Page_1
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Campers do actually sleep!

Campers stay for the week and have to have a great place to sleep and gather for studies and discussion on God's Word. We have plans drawn for some great dormitories that will house 120 campers each, along with staff. These buildings will be comfortable and safe, serving multiple purposes, and up to codes for fire safety.  See info on them above. 


Nighttime Singings

One of the great traditions of camp is the singing. It s repeated stated as the favorite part of camp for both campers and staff. We want to create a large gazebo by the river that will fit the entire camp so they can end their days in praise to their God. We will also build some amphitheaters by the river to accommodate other activities will keeping the campers in God's beautiful nature. 


Campers Having Fun

Campers come for each other, but they love to do things together. We want to refurbish a barn into a gymnasium, convert a basement into a game room, construct a putt putt golf course, build some ball fields, a gaga ball court, a volleyball court, and other activity areas. All of this takes time and money, but they will be used for countless hours of fun and fellowship between these young campers. 


Feeding on God's Word (and meals)

The last thing is eating. The campground already has a grilling shed, but it needs an updated kitchen and assembly area. What was the golf course club house is a perfect place for the kitchen and dining area. It already has a stage built in and will easily be converted to accommodate the entire  camp for meals and assemblies. This clubhouse has a wrap-around porch that will also be great for small groups to gather and hang out together. 


Campers Having Fun

At the heart of our camps, we help campers through deep and life-changing Bible discussion, studying to find God's answers for our lives. We must have places to break the camp into smaller groups for these studies, and the new dormitories and others spaces will provide for that important activity. We would also like to place markers across the campground to remind campers of God and His Word.


A Versatile Campground

We want to not only host our summer camps, but many other types of events through the year, including fundraisers for other worthy causes, receptions, retreats, family days, weekend lock-ins, and much more. This campground is set up to be versatile and useful year-round. We want God to be glorified in its use and hope to provide abundant opportunities for Christians to honor God together. 

How to Give A Home For Camp

We have created multiple ways for you to give to this project. As you give, you will automatically go into a newsletter that will have information about the project as it happens. Becoming a part of this family of givers is the best way to stay informed on what is happening with this project. Here are three ways to give. 

Donate by Check


The easiest way for you to give is to send a check. If you want to do this, write it to:

Central Alabama Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell

2304 McEl Avenue

Fultondale, AL 35068

Donate by Credit Card

Any amount can be input above. 

Thank you for your donation!

Donate through


We have a Venmo account for the chapter. If you want to give this way, please look up @fcalabamacamp. 

We'd prefer all Venmo donations to be $500 or less. 

Our goal is to create a home for camp, along with facilities that will also house retreats, banquets, fundraisers, and other events that will pour into the lives of Christians everywhere. Any donation, no matter how big or small, is appreciated. You're not just donating to a campground, to an event, or to a school (as all proceeds from the Hutchinson Bell go to Florida College for scholarships), but you are donating to the eternal future of these campers and students. Thank you for your willingness to love them in such a sacrificial way. 

The Central Alabama Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell is the non-profit organization that runs the FC Alabama Camp. It is a 501c3 organization and any donations will be considered tax-free on your taxes. Please let us know about your donation so we can immediately get you a receipt for your bookwork. 

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