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The Joel Sloan Camp Fund exists to provide financial assistance to campers who would otherwise be unable to attend camp. Applications for financial assistance will be accepted March 15–April 15 at


If you are applying for the Joel Sloan Fund, you can request that we disable the automatic credit card payment for your camp balance until a decision is made regarding a financial award.   Send us an email to make this request. Each camper is responsible to pay the $50 deposit at registration even if the camper is applying for the JSCF. Award amounts will vary based on availability of funds up to the entire cost of camp less the $50 deposit which must be paid at the time of registration.

The Joel Sloan Camp Fund makes funding decisions based on number of applicants and availability of donations. Florida College Alabama Camp does not make these decisions but helps promote this service to solicit donations and to help as many kids as possible experience Florida College Camp.  

If applying, you will be contacted directly by Joel Sloan Camp Fund as to the status of your application.


Please do not contact FC Alabama Camp regarding the status of your application as we will not have any information before you receive notification from JSCF.

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