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Thinking about going to Florida College?

That's awesome. We're here to help!

One of the primary purposes of the Central Alabama Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell is to provide financial help to young people who want to attend Florida College. If you're going to be a Falcon, be sure to apply for a scholarship from the Central Alabama chapter. The chapter has previously awarded over $40,000 in Florida College scholarships in a single academic year to help Florida College Alabama campers get to FC.

To be eligible for a chapter scholarship, an applicant must meet the following qualifications:

  1. The applicant must have attended at least two camps (FC Alabama Summer Camp or FC Alabama Winter Camp) within the past four years.

  2. The applicant or applicant's family must be a current member of the Central Alabama Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell.

  3. Current FC students must re-apply each academic year and must be in good academic standing and not on academic probation.

  4. The applicant agrees by filling out this application to allow the Bell to use their picture in newsletters and other media in the context of showing who has been awarded scholarship money to Florida College.

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