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Thank You For Bringing The Campers to 

FC Alabama Summer Camp 2023

We love your kids and are so excited to spend this week with them. We hope they will be challenged spiritually and grow in their relationships with one another. We have a ton of activities and special times planned. We cannot wait for them to tell you about the week when it's all over and they wake up from their naps! 

Watch This Video

Adam Shanks


See A Part of Camp

We want you to see how awesome camp is this week. We hope that you will go to our Facebook page and see some of the live stream videos of the worship and talent show. These videos will only be posted live, and be subject to the internet working well. We do not plan to spend a lot of time troubleshooting or trying to make it work if it doesn't. But hopefully, all will go well and you can see some of the amazing times we are having at camp. 

We also invite you to look for your kid in the pictures this week. But we want to keep those kids safe so we keeps these pictures locked up behind a password. You're welcome to go look through the pictures as they get posted. Instructions can be found at or click on the link below and use the password:




... we put our money where our mouth is. As a staff, we are all members of the Hutchinson Bell, which is the organization that makes camp happen. We want you to be involved too (click here to learn more). 

Not only that, we are working as a Bell to purchase and develop our own campground. We are excited to announce River Hills Retreat, in Hayden, AL, as our next home for camp. As soon as we can get the site ready, we plan to start having camp in our new permanent home. We'd love for you to be involved in that effort! (Click here to learn more.) 

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